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PathSolutions study abroad immigration is composed of several licensed immigration legal experts recognized by the Australian government, with rich experience in study abroad immigration services, handling 2000+ various study abroad immigration cases, and has received high praise from many customers. Our core business studies abroad consulting, study abroad career planning, study abroad application, student visa, and Australian immigration planning. The company is located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.




PathSolutions immigration adheres to the service concept of

"accurate positioning, tailor-made"

study abroad immigration program,

to meet customer needs,

providing customers with professional services,

and constantly meeting customer expectations!


Our consulting service team has more than 20 years

of professional study abroad and immigration experience,

focusing on high-quality professional services,

and the application scope covers

Australia, New Zealand, the United States,

the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries.


Through an experienced team of consultants and reasonable professional segmentation, we provide students with different backgrounds with overall solutions for studying abroad,

one-stop service of academic improvement + whole-process planning + direct application to famous schools + overseas services.

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Professional Qualifications

The professional consulting team is provided by MARAN, some licensed immigration legal experts registered by the Australian government with more than 20 years of professional service experience, formal and reliable.


Consulting Planning

The core study abroad service team formed by senior planners has more than 20 years of professional experience in applying for study abroad. Tailor-made individual study abroad programs for each student’s academic background. One-on-one personalized consulting services, from the preliminary consultation planning, the initial communication between the consultants and the students, to grasp the students' situation, analyze the difficulty of the application, refer to the student’s academic background, accurately determine the target schools and courses, and formulate the application schedule to ensure that students apply successful, assist in obtaining a student visa.


Reasonable Industry Price

PathSolutions overseas-study ensures that customers receive the best quality service at a reasonable cost. For those who are the plan to study in Australia and New Zealand, we are free to apply for visas and study abroad for free. Based on professional services, studying in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada maintains the most favorable prices in the industry.


Precise Quality Service

PathSolutions study abroad and immigrant implements the service concept of excellence. The professional team recognized by the government helps students to formulate the best application plan according to the individual characteristics of students and their different academic backgrounds. The majors applied for cover all disciplines such as arts, science, technology, and business, and the school covers Australia and the United States. , the United Kingdom and Canada, and other countries.

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