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About us


Annie Xu 安妮

Australian Immigration Service Registered Migration Agent

MARAN 1910318

She graduated from Shanghai JiaoTong University with a Bachelor’s degree in foreign-related accounting in China, obtained an advanced postgraduate diploma in immigration law from Victoria University in Australia, and studied a postgraduate degree in finance and accounting from the University of Melbourne. As a manager in an international college in China, she has worked for more than 10 years and has rich experience in school and student management.


After immigrating to Australia, she actively devoted herself to the Australian immigration and study abroad industry. Through an in-depth understanding of Australian universities and courses, and updates on Australia's latest immigration policies, she has provided various study-abroad plans and immigration programs for 1000+ students, which are widely recognized by students. She has helped many students to obtain Australian PR and achieved their immigration goals.


Fred Wang 王羽

Australian Immigration Service Registered Migration Agent

MARAN 1801621

Australian Licensed Education Agent 


Fred graduated from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom with an MBA in 2004. Fred immigrated to Australia technically in 2008 and worked in his professional logistics and customs declaration work. Later, he ran a coffee shop in Australia. He has a franchisee of the chain coffee Brand -- Muffin Break and operated a Fish & Chips shop.

In 2016, after closing the operation of Muffin Bread Darwin, Fred settled back to Melbourne, and in 2018 successfully obtained the Australian Licensed Migration Agent's license. For the past five years, Fred and his colleagues have been working at the forefront of immigration law, gaining a wealth of hands-on experience. Fred has been keeping in step with the immigration legal trends of the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs for many years, understands and flexibly grasps immigration policies, provides various immigration solutions according to customer needs, successfully handled 1000+ immigration customer cases, and achieved outstanding results and obtained customer comparisons with high rating and reputation. During his practice, Fred has dealt with many types of immigration and study abroad cases and many difficult cases. PathSolutions Study Abroad and Immigration is committed to building a professional overseas study and immigration agency to provide professional services for a vast number of customers.




My name is Danny. After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2006, I have been a franchisee of Boost Juice, a well-known catering brand in Australia, and won the Top 10 Sales of First National finally, an Australian real-estate company. However, I found that Chinese students and immigrants who are living in foreign countries fell into anxiety when they first arrived in Australia due to limited skills of the English language and different cultures.


In 2018, I opened the YouTube channel "Danny's Notes in Australia", which has grown one of the most influential life channels among Australians and Chinese today and has also helped many international students and new immigrants to adapt local lives in Australia.


I have encountered many online friends who asked me about studying and immigrating to Australia when operating the YouTube channel. So in 2022, we set up our own My company - PathSolutions Overseas-study and Immigration Consulting company in order to better help friends who have needs of studying abroad and immigrating!


I will not directly help you apply for schools or the specific immigration business due to it is professional industry, but I helped you find the two most credible personalities and the most capable business partners: Fred Wang and Annie Xu, who are Australian registered immigration agents MARAN with many years of rich business experience, also the most trusted immigration consultants.


Successfully obtaining studying abroad and immigrating to Australia is just the beginning of your overseas life. There will be many unknowns and challenges ahead, but I provide all kinds of practical life information as always, caring and helping every friend.

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